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Product List

Medium maturity

Very good yield for a hulless variety

Medium height with good lodging resistance and very high test weight.

Susceptible to crown rust and red leaf, but resistant to smut.


Medium maturity oat

Taller oat with very high test weight

Very versatile, wide range of adaptability

Mid-season oat with consistent high grain yield

Excellent straw strength

Yellow oat

Superior smut and BYDV resistence

2 - 4 bushels/ acre



Early, shorter oat

White oat

Very good straw strenth

Excellent agronomics

2 - 4 bushels/ acre

The king of forage oat varieties

Excellent for fall or spring feed

Excellent mixed with 4010 forage peas, brassicas or Graza dual purpose radish.



Highly digestible fiber that provides energy for the rumen

High crude protein numbers for a spring cereal

Excellent companion with 4010 forage peas (50/50 mix)

 available conventional untreated

The BEST of the spring triticales!

An excellent source of digestible fiber that provides energy along with the benefits of rumen health.

This variety has shown to be more cold tolerant than other spring varieties.

Significantly higher yields than other boot stage forages with outstanding digestibility and crude protein.

An earlier spring barley

High test weight

Medium tall variety

Industry standard for the Midwest

Taking Organic to a Whole New Level!™